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Academic Support

De La Salle

Getting off to the right start is critical for success in school. The De La Salle (DLS) pathway supports students as they transition to Mullen’s academically rigorous environment. 

What is De La Salle?

The De La Salle pathway is designed for students who demonstrate a need for additional academic support initially and have the ability to succeed in a college preparatory (CP) environment. DLS offers the most support freshman year with explicit instruction and scaffolding for students early on. DLS level classes phase out by senior year, but students have continuity in the support from the DLS Director and Academic Personal Counselor. It is not a special education program and does NOT modify assignments or tests.

For accommodations please visit the Accommodations Page.

How is enrollment in DLS determined?

Enrollment in the DLS pathway is decided during the admissions process and is not something that families can elect to join. Students are evaluated for DLS support based on specific criteria in the admissions file including the student’s prior middle school performance, standardized test scores, Mullen assessments, and teacher recommendations. Students who are enrolled at Mullen with DLS support typically have low performance on standardized testing and gaps in study skills. While they may have been successful academically in the past, indicators suggest DLS support may be beneficial as they transition to the high school learning environment.
DLS classes and CP classes use the same materials and assessments - follow the same graduation requirements -  hold the same GPA weight

What are the goals of the DLS Program?

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  • Building Academic Independence

    Explicit instruction is given to students in skills such as self-advocacy, time management, accountability, accessing resources and organization strategies to be successful in college preparatory classes. Students are supported individually as they develop these skills freshman year and improve these skills with continued monitoring and guidance throughout their time at Mullen. The DLS pathway encourages effort, perseverance and a growth mindset as essential qualities that contribute to academic success and a mastery of learning objectives.
  • Transition to CP Courses

    Students can enroll in CP-level core courses beginning their sophomore year. Enrollment in these classes is based on student performance in the specific subject area and the consistent demonstration of self-management and advocacy. Teacher recommendation and DLS Director approval is also required. Students are encouraged to progress to higher-level courses in their strength areas. There are no DLS-level courses offered for senior students.
  • College and Career Readiness

    We support students on diverse post secondary tracks, but our goal is to ensure students who start on the DLS pathway have access and options available when they choose to pursue a college degree. Our curriculum, graduation requirements, and explicit instruction in self-advocacy ensure college readiness. SAT and ACT data are secondary measures of growth to ensure our curriculum is rigorous and supports the development of critical thinking skills. 

What are the specific supports?

Students admitted to Mullen as part of the De La Salle pathway can expect:
  • To take Study Skills during Semester 1 of Freshman year. Students in this course develop and/or improve upon skills like planning, goal setting, time management, self-monitoring/reflection, and self-advocacy. It will teach strategies for organization, writing, reading, note-taking, studying, and test-taking. Time each week is dedicated to supporting students in completing work for all their courses.
  • Smaller class sizes. DLS classes are capped at 20 students to provide closer interaction with faculty.
  • Content-specific support in core courses. Students enrolled in the DLS pathway take Math, Science, English, and Social Studies at the DLS level freshman year.
  • To be held to high expectations and encouraged to take control of their OWN learning
DLS classes are NOT remedial classes and meet CP standards without modification. Students are enrolled in DLS classes for all core courses freshman year. Students will take World Language beginning in their sophomore year

Impact of the De La Salle Program

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  • Current Student

    "The De La Salle program helps students who struggle to slowly get up to the level of CP. I am in DLS and I am thankful for this opportunity to grow into CP classes♥️"


  • A DLS Director collaborates with teachers as they foster student growth in their courses, facilitates parent outreach, monitors student progress even as they transition to CP-level courses, and oversees the pathway’s effectiveness.
  • An Academic Personal Counselor specific to DLS works with students and parents/guardians to assist students with educational, career, and life planning and helps to facilitate interventions. Social and emotional learning is incorporated into the Study Skills course and facilitated by the Counselor.
  • Collaboration with Mullen's After School Lab supports homework completion and provides the opportunity for peer tutoring.
  • Teachers of DLS classes provide appropriate support to students aligned with the department curriculum to ensure students meet the same standards as CP courses.
  • Summer Enrichment Courses through Mullen's DLS Summer Academy as a part of our Summer Bridges Program, which is designed for incoming students to familiarize themselves with the curriculum and the campus.


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